What is mineral marble? 

Manufacturing technology for mineral marble was invented and developed in the 1960s in the USA. Since that time it has evolved greatly allowing for a wide range of options and applications of the material.

The term “mineral marble”refers to a polymer composite of natural mineral elements, such as marble, dolomite or quartz flour with polyester or acrylic resin. The mixture created this way is used to fill in the moulds made in accordance with the customer’s instructions. Additionally, in order to obtain the fine glossy surface the product is coated with a special substance called gelcoat. It can provide the finished product with glossy or matt surface of unified structure or create the effect of natural granite of any chosen color. In the Castra offer you can find also products made of Solid Surface material. Then the whole product structure is uniform and does not have external protective layers.

Mineral marble allows for manufacturing products with the elegant look of natural marble or granite, which at the same time have enhanced mechanical and physicochemical qualities as compared with the natural stone. The material is predominantly used for producing sanitary appliances.

Here are some of the essential qualities of mineral marble:

  • pleasant and warm to touch
  • stable and durable
  • available in all colours and patterns
  • contains over 80{96591d45c8d6fbb7a67e974c66b422e83d52bb4ead847256e5d78db83959dfe8} natural mineral components
  • the surface of a product is resistant to most chemical and organic factors as well as sun light
  • the surface is smooth, non-porous, tight and easy to keep clean
  • flexible in terms of manufacturing options, it allows for creating unlimited shapes for products
  • it is possible to manufacture very small batches of products due to the low cost of launching a model

The range of colours is virtually unlimited. Below you can see a few sample colours and patterns of the material.