We follow the principle “come up with an idea and just do it”. We implement our own designs and ideas of our clients in a few stages:

1. The idea and design. We work in two ways on that. We make our own designs for standard products, or we use our clients’ ideas and drawings. We also offer technical advice and cooperate with clients in order to create a new product. The potential of mineral marble is really great therefore even the most innovative solutions and patterns can be obtained. After designing the shape, we show our client a 3D computer generated image of the product.

2. Model and mould. The second stage involves manufacturing a realistic model of the product and the mould. All the necessary tools are made in our plant, which allows for launching the production of a new model very quickly. That also considerably reduces the costs of introducing a new model, allowing for our flexibility in handling suggestions of our clients.

3. Series production. When the production mould or moulds are finished, we can start mass production. The larger number of moulds allows for a larger manufacturing capacity for a given model. Because the mould construction cost is not very high, the manufacturing is profitable in case of almost any number of items. It is possible to opt for very specific solutions and short production batches. It does not matter if we manufacture 1 or 1000 items of a given design – we always do it with utmost precision and attention to quality.